In order to optimize your traffic, we will first need to review the content of your website, and make sure that it’s both relevant to the reader, as well as having the relevant keywords for the search phrases you want to rank with.

To start off, we will assist you in finding the keywords you want to rank for. This should be words that are relevant to your business, that also have high search volumes on Google. In order to do this, we use Google’s own keyword tool, along with other analytical programs.

After we’ve found the keywords which we want to rank for, we will then organize these and put them in to groups, which will then be displayed on relevant sections on your website. We make sure that the volume of keywords on your website is not too high, and that the text flows naturally throughout the website, while still making sure that the most important keywords are placed in the right sections on your website.

Lastly, we will do a technical review of your website, where we will make sure that your site is properly configured from an SEO perspective, by looking at things like your page title, page description, video- and image tags, header tags, sitemap and page redirections.